Bentura Flores

Bentura Flores


Ben has over 17 years of coaching experience that includes weightlifting, gymnastics, Crossfit and sports specific training for high school athletes. He also owned a strength and conditioning gym, Stak. 

Hey grew up playing sports that include baseball, track, football and powerlifting. His passion for sports and an active lifestyle led him to earn a Bachelors degree from Texas Tech in exercise science. Through breaking down movements into their simplest form, Ben enjoys helping individuals gain confidence in movements they once thought weren’t possible. He always aims to provide a space that individuals can come learn, be active, and be themselves. 

If you’ve taken one of his classes, you know he cultivates a safe space for everyone in what can be considered an intimidating environment. He does this by dancing, quoting movies and making classes as fun as possible. 

We love Ben’s easy going nature and so will you. 

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